Welcome to the NASFiC

A NASFiC is held in North America in any year where the Worldcon is outside of North America. Because the 2020 Worldcon will be in Wellington, New Zealand, there will be a NASFiC in 2020.

The 2020 NASFiC will be in Columbus, Ohio. Direct questions about the 2020 NASFiC to the 2020 NASFiC committee.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update: According to the Columbus 2020 NASFiC website (as of March 24, 2020): “The Columbus 2020 NASFIC is in late August and there is still a strong possibility that it will happen. We are in regular contact with the hotel and authorities and we are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated as events occur. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for additional details and new information.”

Latest News: Columbus, Ohio to Host 2020 NASFiC.