Winnipeg Wins 2023 Site Selection

Winnipeg, Canada has won the vote to host the 2023 NASFiC. Chicon 8 reports that 343 ballots were cast in the election, with 312 in favour of Winnipeg. Orlando, USA, withdrew from the race early in August leaving Winnipeg as the only official bid. For the detailed results, see the NASFiC 2023 Site Selection Report from the Site Selection administrator. Winnipeg was also the host of the 1994 Worldcon.

Winnipeg’s Guests of Honor will be Dr. Philip J. Currie, Julie Czerneda, John Mansfield, Waubgeshig Rice, Nisi Shawl and Katherina Vermette. The Ghost of Honour will be Lorna Toolis and the Toastmaster will be Tanya Huff. The convention will be chaired by Robbie Bourget and Linda Ross-Mansfield.

The Winnipeg website is here.